Derby #368: Football!

If only I’d have waited…

Stupid double post. Shut up.


Oh boy, this should get interesting right quick. Curious to see what comes up :slight_smile:

likely at least one racially-charged comment aimed at richard sherman.

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s launch. We’re going to have something else football related coming down the pipeline that you artists may be interested in…

seat cushion design contest?

They be mad bro’?

Wouldn’t surprise me though, which kind of really sucks. I was excited over his performance since the beginning of last season, and was thrilled to see him do so well. He definitely takes some pages out of Ali’s books though in making sure the world knew who he was and what he was about. He managed to back up his words too, but of course that means he has to suffer the backlash of those who can’t handle a big mouth actually accomplishing what they set out to do.

Still, keeping my hopes up on pro-Sherman entries too. Would definitely GMV, though I understand artists won’t want to limit themselves. I’m honestly expecting more generic designs that can appeal to voters no matter who they root for. More of a chance for votes from all across the board that way.

More cozies? Sweeter awards?

Curious now >.>


Shame I know nothing about American football, being from the UK and all.

they play a game in wembley every year.

This should give you the basics at least.

Edit: I also recommend movies such as Longest Yard (Original), Any Given Sunday, Friday Night Lights, Rudy, Leatherheads, and Remember the Titans, if you prefer your research in media form :slight_smile:

This is true, I got to see the 49ers vs Redskins play there in 1992. Steve Young was the QB instead of Joe Montana, but Jerry Rice was on the field. It was awesome.

Very cool. Must have been a fun game with Rice :smiley:

I always liked the late eighties/early nineties 49ers, for the same reason as Lisa Simpson. :slight_smile:

That had me looking up the original quote. Funny how it (almost) still applies today XD

Homer: So who do you like in the afternoon game?
Lisa: Well, I like the 49ers because they’re pure of heart. Seattle because they got something to prove, and the Raiders because they always cheat.

raiders better have something moar this year b/c their cheatin’ ways haven’t been so effective recently.

Go Seahawks!