Derby #37 Cyberpub: Music is my aeroplane


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Ben Campbell: Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
(also said by many others in the movie)

(from 21)


Are you a chili peppers fan Spryte? The Dave Navarro era wasn’t nearly as good. This new theme is cool, but the payout means my scribblings won’t have a chance.

Too bad Scrooge McDuck is copyrighted. No doubt we’ll be seeing multiple Dickensesque entries.


I like music. The title was going to be Music is my language but nobody knows that song. :slight_smile:


Jeez, it’s like they want to make the derbies more divisive.


I still play the hell out of my bloodsugarsexmagic cd. Didn’t care for most stuff after that one, although I like the last one I heard on the radio.


I just sent my copy of bloodsugarsexmagik to my nephew, who wants to learn to play bass. Thought he might enjoy trying some flea bass lines.


I had all their cds and then sold a few when I was in college. I just really didn’t like dave navarro with them. The first single they did with him for Coneheads was good, just not much on the album.

I already said this on the main derby thread: Please no pirates’ booty shirts!


Oh you poor dear. You do know that you plead in vain on this site, right? Wooters love their pirates. :slight_smile:


I say it in jest. half of me wants to make one, but I know I would just be pandering.


so if i ask you to do one is it still pandering? I like pirates.


Its pandering if your sole motivation is to please the crowd in my opinion. I like pirates just fine, they’re just not my muse.


actually, what would be cool is a mountain of ‘gold’ coins, with cute little pirates ‘swimming’ or ‘loading up a sack’ or ‘counting’ the coins, or fighting over a chest, and the odd pirate chest all placed randomly around the mountain of coins. To avoid having the design be one solid block of ink though, you’d have to put it on brown or yellow or black and work the shirt color into the pirates or the coins.

there, that’s my freebie idea for you guys. take it them as wants it. I’m gonna go eat some cheetos and bemoan my near total lack of drawing talent.


Hello FMA. It’s all I can think of. T_T;

Okay, that’s a lie but it keeps coming back into my head.


Do it. I’d be all over that.


Copyrighted. I can’t.


done eating cheetos. still not done bemoaning my lack of skillz, so I think I’ll make some tea and popcorn. I’d rather have cheese with my whine but I can’t order any til i get home. <sigh>


with you on the bemoaning lack of skills. Popcorn sounds good. I’ve got wine, but maybe no wine with narcotics in the middle of the afternoon.

I’ve come up with some great ideas, but with my first-grader skills they end up looking pretty goofy. I wonder if having a tablet would help or hurt… And could having my kids learn graphic design through derbies be considered homeschooling?


Maybe we should start a design idea thread in world of woot shirts. I think they get lost in the derby forums, between the huge posts of people spamming for votes or getting feedback on their designs. which is what the derby forum is for so I can’t complain. I’ve got some good ideas, good spatial sense, good design sense, good color sense, but can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. <sigh> I’m with you on the goofy looking results.


They say that all the time on Sports Center… and I say it a lot.

I feel bad… this is the first of many Cyberpubs where I wasn’t here for the thread creation :frowning: Class got in the way…


I just wanted to say I really like your thread title this week.