Derby #37: Greed

The Derby #37 Cyberpub. If we’re not here, check over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these rules for rejection compiled by derekfilley anyway.

Wicked cool! We all love a little greed. =D No text? Awesome!

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$oh boy!!!

Way to raise the quality of submissions Woot! Love the idea that you will provide quick turn around to submitted daily ideas too. That’s great!

Greed without dollar signs or currency symbols. Interesting challenge!

Wow, extra greedy motivation now…might convince some folks to do more work for woot!

YES!!! Awesome of you guys to share the wealth. :slight_smile: And another cool derby theme. I think you’re finally getting the hang of this shirt business stuff. :tongue:

Awesome derby! Love the lack of currency symbols. Should lead to some creative stiff.

And this now means that I will NEVER win. I’ll keep trying though.

never say never. I think you’ve got the skills to get there. :slight_smile:

Interesting… and I like the added incentive…

I know how you feel. D= And this also means I’ll probably be buying more shirts. <_<

While i’m sure this will raise quality of submissions. I don’t think it will change the voters. I think we’re going to wind up with the same kind of winning designs each week no matter what prize they put out. That is, unless 600 20 year olds happen to buy shirts and start voting every week.

With the increase in payout, maybe Jimiyo might rejoin us?! maybe…

That’s very kind of you, but I’ve seen the shirts that get made when there is this much money is to be made. I wouldn’t even attempt to submit at threadless or DBH.

Good point. I like the theme, but I hope we don’t see 18 variations of the same shirt again.

I’m with you on this one

I instantly have lots of great ideas, but… <sob> they’re all beyond my talent level, which is near to none. <another sob>

Should be some great designs cropping up, though. Let’s hope those are the ones in the fog!

You may be right this week, but in the long run I think this will change the equation a lot. They should have banned pirates because I really don’t want to see even one shirt about pirates’ booty. Now that I said that I’m wondering if I should make that to have a chance to win? Nah… maybe.

Heh…twice the money, twice the backbiting. Please prove me wrong, people.

One can only hope! =D