Derby #371: Everyday Businesses of Famous Characters.

This should be interesting. How creative can you get and still keep it all tied in and wearable?

so I’m a little stumped As I love the concept but I’m afraid A.) the symbol isn’t “Feather dustery” enough and B.) Might be some hardcore rejection bait. :confused: stumped.

I can’t really comment for rejection bait, but as for the symbols, I definitely didn’t think feather dusters when I first saw them >.<

I’m a bit confused. So is the idea like Mr. Clean as an actual janitor?

Yes, the way I saw it is what the character does or is named, made literal.

I think it’s pretty much any well known character shown doing some sort of everyday business… doesn’t have to be what that character would literally do based on it’s known context… like Mr. Clean as a baggage handler should work as well. At least it better be this way or my entry is in real trouble.

This has a solid look, though I don’t really know much about the reference. :frowning: To make it more feather-dustery, I would make a group of single/long feathers stretching out from the handle, instead of clusters (though I really like how the clusters look, they don’t read duster to me-)


That’s the impression I got from dah rules too. I’m sure you’ll be fine Tater.

I’m probably horribly wrong on this since I’m not familiar with the source material either. My guess though was that the feather dusters are from an insignia based on the source (my first thought was a set wings). It would also explain the worry over rejection x.x

I get what you’re saying, but if your design has the actual character doing an every day job, it would probably be better than a logo that doesn’t tie in with the character. I guess we’ll see what happens.

Lets hope we’re both right. :slight_smile:

Not gonna lie to you… the “think about company logos” part threw me as well… I just decided that was one place to find well known characters… i dunno.

That makes sense.

On the top right hand side of your icon when you post, it says “quality posts: #” what is it and what does it mean?

These are rough for no but what do you think about concept and such? Thanks!

FWIW, as a buyer, personally, I think I’d have a lot of fun wearing a play on famous characters/company logos. Not saying there’s no way something that doesn’t make use of company logos wouldn’t win. Just my opinion >.> Probably not saying much though since I already know I’m going to be making full use of google through this derby xp

Yeah, this is exactly how I took it. The description and rules would be much more detailed if they wanted something specific.

Plus, look at it this way: the more exact woot makes the rules, the more rejectionating has to be done, which is counter to how things have been lately.

Ha! I was going to do a Gamgee gardener one too, but shifted thinking on it to something else- Really fun design ideas! The color (especially on the gardener one) is something you can really push on those to sell the look- I sort of want it more subtle and soft, less boxy, and working with whatever shirt color you choose (possibly even distressed and old looking???). Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

I definitely agree with the more distressed and old looking for the Gamgee Gardening one, as well as finding a way to make it less boxy. I love the bold colors on it; it really pops. Maybe use a shirt color that can compliment them or contrast well. I wouldn’t recommend black since I’d imagine this company working mainly during the spring and summer. Possibly green or brown, or even baby blue? Lemon maybe even? I dunno- never been good with color pairings xp

This is what I’ve got going on…
Open to suggestions if you’ve got any.