Derby #373: Heavy Metal

Does Woot do honorable mentions and double take derbies anymore? If so, where can I find this info?

Honorable mentions are now printed the following Monday as a Plus side sale. No more double take derbies.

Just a little confused here…

Does this have to be Rock and Roll/music related? It says “everything in between” so I am assuming it could be pretty much anything, right?

Well, the theme is heavy metal, so I’m guessing they want rock & roll entries. I wouldn’t think jazz, pop, or country are in between hair bands and butt-rock…

Ok, here’s the deal. I have an idea that I think is pretty solid for this derby. I can’t draw. The design could be done in either silver metallic, or standard colors, depending on how it’s done.

So… anyone good at lettering, alignment, bold, straightforward design?

I’m trying to work it out on my own, but I’m really not good enough to get this done.

Heavy Metal involves a mountain of subject matter and imagery- As long it is related, I’m sure you are fine. We will also get a lot of entries involving elements… jsyk.

I’d love to, but I am booked up art wise- I’m sure someone will take up the cause!

Thanks Oaken, I’m sure whatever you’re working on is fantastic!

I was more going along the lines of machinery or something like that…nothing musical related but actual heavy metal things.

Aha, they’ve allowed play on theme titles before, so that may work, especially if you can find a way to add a musical element somehow.

This should be a fun one with all the ways it can be played with, especially with the advanced head’s up artists got. Looking forward to seeing what comes of it :slight_smile: Good luck everyone!

Ok, I put together my design on my own. So far, no one seems to get the reference, though.

In reference to the animated movie, Heavy Metal. (Google searches for this film tend to be NSFW do to cartoon nudity.)

I was thinking silver metallic on black shirt. So, thoughts?

iirc, and looking at the image you posted, the gal’s “outfit” was black. which parts did you intend to be silver metallic?

complete irrelevancy: in black, her outfit kinda looks like a stylized hipster (black sunglasses and moustache/goatee). (… mabe i should lay off the drugs for a while.)

I was still working it out.

mabe put the text in silver, heavy block lettering (similar to the “heavy metal” logo) and put the black bikini in “front” via “negative space.”

Thanks. I think that’s a bit beyond me. Appreciate the feedback.

Ok… I was reading some of the above comments… Are we saying it MUST have something to do with music or it DOES NOT? I thought gold is heavy and there was lots of gold and sparkly things during the art deco period which would include the musicals at the time so a round about way to get too… WHO… Yep… After several weeks without making a single Who related design, I decided to go crazy w this one! Haha. I hope you like it! Please feel free to critique and bathe your affection over this glorious design! Hahaha. Of course, there is some tweaking of details I need to do but it’s mainly all here.

EDIT: YES the lines are over 4 pts! I made sure of it! This design will spread over the whole shirt design area.

Here’s the COMP:

I like it! my suggestion if you want to kinda link it more to a music theme, make those curlicues look a bit like a bass clef


and you can always add some notes to the lines that might suggest a staff… if you do, be careful the direction of the flags of the notes… nothing makes a musician more angry than pretend notation… :wink: