Derby #375: 10k Cup, Round I: Halloween

Maybe this is a stupid question, but I’ve been gone for a while. Why are creme tees always banned?

Because of Anvil shirt blanks.

I like those marshmallowy candy pumpkins.

I thought we could always design for front or back, but not both, and that people just almost always choose “front”, but they’re not limited to this.

Is that not the case?

Also - with GitD Ink:

I assume that, as always we cannot halftone the GitD ink.

However, can we halftone the NON-GitD colors this time?

It’s been allowed before (like here), and disallowed other times.

Inquiring minds want to know :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on a few designs of a pig that likes to dress up… so far “Sir Hammington” (as my husband calls him) has dressed as a mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, and Phantom of the Opera. I’m thinking of putting them all together on a shirt (6 colors max, yes…), and titling it “Happy Hogaween!” Thoughts?

The glow in the dark ink can not be halftoned. The rest is OK, as long as you’re not putting glow on top of the dots/lines.

Any chance you can allow ORANGE shirts for the Halloween derby this week???



To elaborate, the reason is that the GitD ink that Woot uses is thicker than the regular ink and cannot be printed at the same resolution (screen mesh).

could coarser “halftoning” work? for example, instead of the recommended 30 lpi, what about (say) 5 lpi?

Is it ok to submit something to a derby that was previously rejected as a daily?

Does woot do 4 color process photo tees? I have an idea but I think it would look better as a photo manipulation than a illustration.

Or better question, does something like that have a chance of surviving the derby.

Not the best example but something like

“no photos” has been used as a rejection reason. one of the rejects in the just-completed derby (#374) has that reason.


Orange is in!


Shoulda asked for a pool table.

Ya I wasn’t sure if that was a licensing reason or a production reason.

Shoulda asked for a cintiq.