Derby #377: $10K Cup Round III: Art Styles

Here’s what I am planning for Woodcuts. Love to hear what you think…


I really really love it! but I just notice the Woodcuts rule don’t allow text. Better check that, maybe I’m wrong

Thanks for the props!

Yeah, there was a discussion between a few of us in another forum… I (as well as others) read that the technical aspects of the previous derby should be followed; and therefore technique was the focus, not the content (text, pop culture, etc).

HEY WOOT GODS! shakes fist Send me a sign!?

well, I hope they allow text, because its brilliant!

Can we please get a text use clarification?

This is from a photo I took of a zoo lion (see below) several years ago. I just loved the way he was relaxing in the sun yet still looked in control of his world. Haha. I tried out many color combos; here are 3 of them. If you can’t tell, haha, this is an attempt at Pointillism. I covet your opinions!

Oh man- this is great- At first I wanted one more color, but perhaps it’s simplicity is a boon. Great man-

I think I like the blue one the best- it takes on a mystic air-

I do want a bit more variety in the dots though- with all of them basically identical, it makes the image as a whole look less natural-

Thanks! Me too. I had a few touches of red (nose, rope and letters) and a white on the signs. But then I realized that the woodcut derby restricted the colors to just two. I am very pleased that it still looks decent without those…

+1 to oakenspirit. I think the warm and the cool ones are very striking. dot variation would massively strengthen the comp.

If the derby you’re referencing didn’t allow text, then no text. The only rules that don’t apply are pop-culture/topical rules. For instance if Doctor Who or Cats was banned, they’re no longer banned this time around.


Thanks, Bejaminlee and Oakenspirit!!!

Arg. Since it said “technical rules” I assumed it was only the technical rules that applied like line size, colors, halftones. Doh. I second the “Noooooo!” sentiment. Ha.

Does woot ever change their minds?
There are quite a few of us who took it this way…

I don’t know, but orange you glad you asked, at least?

@leslieh - so you redrew all that? Just wondering, since there’s the “no filters” rule.

I say yes, because Travis is very reasonable (and handsome).

Case for text being allowed:

  1. The rule wasn’t extremely clear. It didn’t say follow all of the rules except the pop culture ones. It said follow the “technical rules,” which could make one infer that not all of the rules are “technical rules,” only some of them are. Therefore, some rules must not be “technical rules.” One could then deduce that the “technical” rules would be the ones that refer to the rules pertaining to the technical aspects of the design to make them adhere to the style they’re trying to emulate while also making them printable (number of colors, dot size, halftone use, etc). In this thinking, “no text” would not be a technical rule, but an “other rule” that was implied by the statement that one must adhere to not the “rules” for each derby, but specifically to the “technical” rules.

  2. Since the derby theme was given ahead of time, a lot of time has passed between then and the time of “no text” clarification.

  3. If you don’t allow text in this derby, you’ll have to prepare for a lot of style-themed daily submissions with text. :slight_smile:

(Reason number one is the best because I used phrases like “one could infer.” If it was too convoluted, the short version reads: “But, but… I did a design with text. :(”)

here is what I been working on… for the complimentary colors derby :slight_smile:

I personally like the blue one, I do agree maybe you need a bit more dots to saturate in some areas, but it is lovely nevertheless :slight_smile: