Derby #39 (Motion): Honorable Mentions




I agree with all the choices except for the bunny hop. The reason - the evil look in its eye. Seriously - pure evil…


Really??? Rob got a nod? Personally, I don’t think his is as good as the other designs. The others were far more creative.


Rob getting a nod does make the derby a bit of a sham, doesn’t it? It’s one thing when idiots vote him in, but it’s another for woot to condone it


I am looking forward to Rocket Rodeo to get a full week’s attention. It was a great design (even with the phallic theme), but I think subbed too late.


Thanks for the HM! It’s nice to be recognized along side so many great entries and artists.


Didn’t see the starcraft one, that’s awesome.





when I was about 20 yrs old, my 3 older brothers and I had a competition to see who could pogostick the longest, it was a thanksgiving reunion thing.

We stopped before getting a winner, because our adult weights on the pogostick had cut through the rubber stopper, and we were cutting little circles into the hardwood floor. had to replace quite a bit of it, since they were too deep to sand out.

I still think I would have won.


Rocket Rodeo is my fave on this list.


Great choices woot! Congrats to all the HMs. Work well done!


Why does it make this a sham?

Just curious, not familiar with Rob’s work.


Adder just happens to be Rob’s own personal critic. <<woot filter did this. ‘crit**ic’ =>> ‘critic’


Congratulations to the artists who got the motion. I mean mention. This is a great idea, Woot, and gives even more people a chance to shine. That’s a good thing!

Not really too thrilled with Rob’s design - but the rest are great. Love the “Marching” one - it’s whimsical and makes me feel happy.


Congrats to all the mentionees!!!

And thank you woot for including Marching By. I just love a Parade!!


Wow, that’s a long thread with a lot of words.

It’s weird, my friend showed me this site, describing it as “cool shirts at $10 a pop”, so I came. I’m yet to buy anything yet, as no shirt has caught my eye yet, but I obviously have been browsing the forums.

That being said, I’m amazed as to how seriously people take stuff here. I didn’t think there could be this much discussion and controversy over something as simple as T-Shirts !!!


Where the H E double hockey sticks is COW TIPPER?


In response to Woot’s Honorable Mentions, I present the first weekly Overlooked Awards! Check it out here:


Thanks for the Honorable Mention! I truly appreciate it.

See my latest


It’s amazingly easy to have controversy when people are known plagiarists. Rob getting a nod is a little like Carlos Mencia getting some sort of comic award, or todd goldman getting an art one…

To be fair, tho, woot might just be throwing him a bone for neither lifting a design (to my knowledge) nor using clip-art (again, to my knowledge). It actually looks drawn, and for mr. glenn, that’s worth mentioning.