Derby #39: Motion


The Derby #39 Cyberpub. If we’re not here, check over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these rules for rejection compiled by derekfilley anyway.


Sounds like it could be difficult!


I love that there is a color limitation.


Motion creates emotion. I remember one time I had this guy call me up, wanted to pitch me, right? Wanted to sell me stock. So I let him…


Yay, no asphault shirts!


Poetry…in motion. <3


Does this mean we CAN use gradients? You MAY be able to print them, if you mean it when you say “We may not be able to print them”. otherwise, why mention them?


Oh man a flying penguin would be perfect!!!


imagines people throwing tomatos


Probably because a lot of people might use these to convey motion? I’m thinking gradients are still a firm no-no, while fine lines and tiny dots have been printed before; perhaps be careful with them when conveying motion, hard to print some of the thinner/finer ones.


ceiling fan cat




Wow… lots of rules. Ought to be an interesting derby.


Ceiling fan cat flung against wall?


My first thought was a kid getting hit in the face by a baseball. A bit gruesome, perhaps?


This is an awesome theme woot! I’m excited! Also, kudos on banning asphalt tees! Personally, I’ve been dying to get another orange shirt. That isn’t a common color on here for some reason, but it is my favorite so someone please design something awesome on orange! :slight_smile:


I have NO idea if y’all are going to like my idea this week, but it’s going to be FUN to do… I’m really excited about designing this one… I just hope I can make the result match up to what’s in my head…

… I’m giddy just thinking about this! :slight_smile:


I would totally agree here! flying penguins are awesome!


Speaking of orange, I’m doing my design on orange.

I’m going to design… get this… a skate boarder face-planting onto the ground at the bottom of a set of stairs/railing.

Complete with legs arching backward over the back, pants falling down (actually, it’d be UP) :slight_smile:


I hope people aren’t going to be confused by this…so many people who enter the derby can’t follow rules as it is. They’ll see “use gradients” and off they’ll go. Why read the end of the sentence? I feel for Joel, having to delete all those entries that break the fules.

On another note, maybe I’ll just resub Evel Knievel with some motion lines. I mean, it went over so well the first time. heh