Derby #393: Nature on Canvas

Any chance we’ll get a topic for the Monday Shirt Derby?

Hopefully one with more description that “Surrealism”?

How big does the design need to be in order to print well on canvas? I know I have some photos that I have taken, but not sure if they will be big enough to print well.

I second this: What is the size of the print area?

EDIT: size info is in the original post now.

Hooray for the preview! I think I have the perfect idea for this…

Will it be a wrapped canvas? if so, how deep? Thank you!

I asked Trav and he said that it is “I don’t know a couple inches or so? Wait just tell them not to worry, we’ll adjust it to make it look good.”

Not a direct quote.

Trav added this since you asked:
Art should be 24" x 32" @ 300dpi and sent to derby@woot as one flattened layer. If your file exceeds 15mb consider sending via a file sending service such as Dropbox or Hightail.

But he is also just saying “Tell them to just make it big” we all already said “that’s what she said” and laughed a lot, no worries.

One more inquiry. Should we include a BG color in the preview and print file?

haha…maybe he was talking about pizza?

More likely the salmon

There’s no color limit for this one, so there wouldn’t need to be a background color like for shirt prints.

Wow - slow getting entries for this one.

Maybe everyone prints…

i was thinking of entering something as this might be my only chance to ever get into the cloud, but alas, i have nothing suitable nor do i have the time this week to make something

Work was crazy the last two months, and I am a bit lost on the new scheduling. Can anyone tell me when #394 will open for submissions?

Today at 1pm EST.

THANK YOU!!! I’m actually ready this time! :smiley: