Derby #395: Sweet and Sour Valentines

Are we writing the sentiment inside the card as well?

Just came back from a LOOOONG hiatus from this site. Is the Valentine design for a tee, or really for a card?

Is a design for a card. No tee designs during the weekend derbies.

Good question. If so, can there be more art inside? Or on the back?


Yay! Vinegar valentines are awesome!

Here’s a link to Valentines Woot has done in the past, in case it helps anyone get inspired :slight_smile:


Another question: Will these cards be sold individually, or in a box? I mean, I don’t want to design something that says, “You’re the Only One For Me,” then expect people to buy a box of 6. Doesn’t make sense.

These will be little postcard style Valentines so all of your designs will be on the front. If you have text, make sure it’s included as part of the design.

We’ll likely be bundling up the sweet cards as one set and the bitter cards as another, similar to what we’ve done in past Valentine’s Day sales.

Thanks GF12.

Ohhh! How awesome would it be to get a variety pack of different artists?! Sweet!

hope they don’t suffocate in the box. i hear tgentry’s quite dreamy.

Is there the usual 6 color limit? Or is it like the journals and canvases, and you can do as many as you like? Thanks!

While I assume there’s no limit, I’m checkin’ in with the guys to confirm. I’ll update you when I hear back.

There is a thinking outside of the box joke here somewhere, but I am just too tired to think of one. Oh, THAT would be a good woot theme…lame cliches that I am sick of hearing.

hahaha!! I did NOT say: underwear. Funny though. Points for woot! Way to think outside of the box.

No color limit!

What’s the rule on multiple entries.