Derby #399: Hoodies for the Unmotivated

It’s a lucky thing I’m so lazy. This one is perfect for me! Here’s a sketch of the shirt I’m designing for it.

Just to make sure… we are only allowed to use the colors you mention in the guidelines?

5 minutes in and only 2 submissions. Yep, that’s the procrastination derby. :wink:

Can’t draw. Too full.

::Cartman wheezing sounds::

Too sick. Still waiting to have Christmas.

And those 2 themes sound very similar… maybe Woot is being lazy too.

3 hours later and only 2 submissions not in the cloud. but even with those odds, i’d probably wouldn’t get in the cloud if i submitted something now.

I wish I could draw… I have an idea but no talent – especially when I’m using a mouse to draw.

I’m torn. I feel like I have some good ideas for this derby, but then they would also fit next week’s derby.

I must’ve missed something. Did this derby’s instructions specify that it was a short one?