Derby #40 (Motherhood): Honorable Mentions




Congratulations! Some nice selections for Honorable Mention!


I think my favourite was Robot Reunion. Congratulations to all!


I think ‘Attila the Mom’ should have been first place. How does voting work for these shirts? Sorry but I’m new to the whole shirt.woot thing. Thanks in advance for some guidance.


On the derby page you should see a tab above each image that says “I’d want one”. That’s the vote button. Users who have made at least one purchase on a woot site (and judging from the colour of the square by your name, you have) can vote. You can vote only once per shirt, but you can vote for as many designs as you want. The images on that page are detail images; click on them to see a full shirt composition (i.e. larger image that shows placement of the design on the shirt). There will be a vote button there as well.


Oh my gosh!!!

Love this shirt… soo very funny…

Is there anyway to buy this shirt?


Not sure which one you mean, but if it’s one of the shirts above - no. At least, not right now.

These shirts didn’t win the derby and thus will not be printed. However, as they are honourable mentions, they will likely return for voting in a Do-Over derby sometime in the future. The designers may choose to sell it themselves (after 60 days, because of a contract with woot) but they’ll probably wait until after the Do-Over.




Man, I like these entries a lot, and I can’t believe I made the HM!


Cool, thanks for the HM and free shirt!
Now I just need to place in another derby so I can afford to buy a new dresser to put all my shirts in.


Thanks for another Honorable Mention! And thanks for the shirt too.

Vote for my Alphabet entry.


Great picks, I was especially glad to see Soothed and Redcoulter get mentions because those were two of my favorites :slight_smile:


And what about those who didn’t make the HMs? This week’s Overlooked Awards:


Ok… I’m a little lost here…

The shirt that came in Fourth (If all your friends… by findingthefourth… prophetic name you got there findingthefourth)

will NOT be made by shirt.woot and doesn’t get the honor of possibly being made in the future because it scored to high to be an Honorable mention?

If that’s the case then why would anyone want to come in fourth (unless there is some ca$h incentive to come in fourth place)?

I’m sort of venting because I REALLY thought that shirt was FANTASTIC and would have ordered 3 (the extras for when the first wore out). I hope that (If all your friends…) gets made somewhere (soon).


Just because it didn’t get an honourable mention doesn’t mean it won’t return in a do-over derby. Similarly, just because a design gets an honourable mention does not guarantee a place in the do-over either (though it’s highly likely to happen).


Honorable Mentions are not dictated by vote totals- they could just as easily by 4th place winners as 104th place, as far as I know- the only thing an Honorable Mention can’t be is one of the shirts that Woot printed (and since HMs are announced after the last derby winner is printed, 4th place would seem to qualify).

I might be wrong, but I don’t think Woot has even stated that the Honorable Mentions will be the ONLY shirts in the eventual Do-Over derby. I wouldn’t be surprised if other shirts made the cut as well. If it doesn’t, and isn’t in a position to be printed by Woot, then the artist can do as they wish with it after the 60 days have passed. So PM the artist and let them know of your interest, they may be willing to put it on CafePress or a similar service in the future.

(Also: no one WANTS to come in fourth, or fifth, or eighty-ninth… not being in the top three is a risk artists take when they enter, and only the top three feature cash prizes. Honorable Mentions are just a nice treat Woot is using to encourage artists whose work didn’t win, but was high quality.)


I love all of these! oh my, the first two would have been must buys for me.