Derby #400: Inactivity

What happened to the hoodie derby? Did I miss something?

Shouldn’t that be Inactivi-tee?

I was wondering the same thing. It seems like that one only ran for a few days.

It is somewhat confusing, but we’re having something like mini-derbies as a precursor to our typical main derbies now. We try to explain the addition here. If you’re just looking for the sale though, you can now get those hoodies here!

Those aren’t from the derby I mean. It was number 399 and had a very similar theme to this one. In fact designs in the derby thread for it showed up in this tee thread. And 399 isn’t in the old derby list either.

Okay, thanks for the info. I somehow missed that announcement.

yeah, I’m pretty sure I want to buy at least one of the 399 entries, so a bit confused over where and when I can!

The sale hasn’t launched yet. New derby designs usually launch on Mondays.

Keep in mind, though, that not ALL designs will print. So, keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks! Will do :slight_smile:

I guess it kinda makes since after reading the mini derbies post…it’s just weird that the winners of derby A aren’t announced until after the winners of derby B.

I’m going to make my design tomorrow, can I still enter it?

Minimal entries - Few votes …
It’s pretty clear what happened here.