Derby #401: Lemon Tees

Prepared for a plethora of Starry Night designs, ho-hum, yawn.

I miss creme :confused:

I’m thinking of Botticelli/Birth of Venus, taking a selfie. lol Stupid?

Definitely modern,lol. I think it sounds like a solid idea :wink:

Not stupid at all. Could be quite smile-producing, so design away!

Me too. But I do like lemon.

I have a couple awesome ideas, and they’d work so well on Creme for this one! Come on woot bot, throw us a creme coloured bone :wink:

Hmm, this could have potential :slight_smile:

I had an idea for this, but then I decided it was stupid. And all the better ideas I came up with, I found when I did a google image search, so they’re out. sigh

Ok, so I’ve been doing a little google research because I learned the hard way about the similar shirts rule. ALL of any classic art has already been modernized. Internet people are so witty. uughh This is going to be rejection city if this rule isn’t dropped for the derby.

American Gothic has pretty much EVERYthing covered.

I’m not even going to attempt the classic art derby…there’s no way I could make something even remotely recognizable as classic art. I’m willing to share my ideas with anyone who can draw though :slight_smile:

What do you guys think about my attempt for 402?

Does anyone else feel like the lemon derby has gone on longer than the hoodie derby before the inactivity Derby?

Oh, this is lovely. I would name it: We can still hear you. :slight_smile: Good luck!

So I have two versions of mine ready to go. I’m not sure which to go with because I really haven’t tried anything like this here. What say you? Heels, or no heels? My thought process is that by cropping the window out of this nice little tablet drawing, the painting loses it’s entire meaning. So either one is cropping the window out, just don’t know if it needs the heels. Help! Thanks. Heels:

no heels

No heels, definitely.

Hello everyone-
It’s been a while, and I’m confused about the new derby. When are the new launch times?

Thank you for the feedback. My gut was telling me no heels, but I was afraid wooters would insist on a funny. This entry is probably too focused on a select group of people. It’s all I have though. :slight_smile: