Derby #403: Eggplant

Woot, AA!

Ahh Eggplant. The eggiest of all the plants.

*Disclaimer, eggplants do not contain eggs.

I have a technical question. The color settings from my computer have been changed. Which one do I use in Illustrator?? Whaaaa…Most colors haven’t been much of an issue, but this purple hex color is waaay different, depending on which color setting. Help? Thanks!!

Never. Mind. Lol

But the winners will be appear on the catalog too?

Unfortunately these will not be able to be placed in the catalog once the initial sale ends, sorry. They could appear in future sales or potentially as remixes on different colors which could be put into the catalog.

I always kinda wished there was a purple.

Much obliged if there could be an amazing array of not-pop-culture, not-cute art.

Then I could finally buy a Woot shirt again.

Because purple. Because AA.

Yay for wearable shirts!

A bit on the nose maybe, but I’d still buy it… what do you think?

And because I couldn’t sleep… my 2nd entry.

YES! Me want!

Oooh! I’m going to rework my wonka suit a bit! It almost made the cut last time! WOO!

I love the idea but I’m not super crazy for the background- wonder if there is another way to separate him without it being so “solid-scribble”-

:slight_smile: Good Luck!

Did you figure this out? I know you have to use Pantone Solid Coated- don’t know if that answers your question or not.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never actually chosen Pantone palette. I work in CMYK (in Illustrator) and I’ve left it up to the woot pre-press guys to pick the closest match. I’ve yet to have an issue.

Thanks - I tried a few things, but at 2am, nothing was turning out right. I was going a little 80s anyway, so that’s why I ended up with the scribble. I work 16 hours today, so I think I’ll have to be satisfied with it, but maybe for a resubmit someday.
Ideally, I wanted to make more of a background for it to look like Grimace was working, or walking in a field or something. It just wasn’t coming across well without looking WAY too busy.

Oh please throw some cute ones in. I like this color :slight_smile: