Derby #404: True Love

Did I miss the memo? There seems to be an overabundance of Princess Bride jokes today.

Rats. I guess I didn’t read closely enough. I thought the purple derby was a full week.

So are all derbies starting Monday regular derbies and Thursday are side sales?

I wish they’d mark them on the announcement because I’m confused after not doing the derby for a while.

I was also very confused! And does that mean the voting is now reduced to just a few days for #404? Hmm.

Yup. Plus, if you don’t submit your design in the first hour, there’s a passive-aggressive dill-hole who throws 20+ votes on the Top 10-12 designs, to prevent any late entries from making the fog. (And then people wonder why the number of artists and designs are plummeting)

Would someone please post or link to the explanation for the new derby system? I’m confused.

Here ya go!

Omar’s graphic was helpful too!

Right?? I came over to ask the exact thing. Guess we weren’t invited to any reindeer games.

Say it isn’t so! :frowning:

It’s definitely so. I just call the guy Spud.

It’s been going on since October, with a brief break over the holidays. If you submit early enough and you’re in the fog or the row right below it, and you’re an artist the that Spud likes, you will often get 20-30, or maybe more, votes all at once.

This has even gotten a few artist’s entries rejected for “Play Fair”.

Totally whacked.

I’ve noticed this as well.

I just have a hard time hearing the words TRUE LOVE without hearing TWUE WUV- I actually assumed there would be more Princess Bride shirts than there are with the woot audience’s innate love of that movie- :slight_smile:

I feel like such an outsider.

You know what? I had 5 votes right away. I refreshed and I had 18. I thought maybe it was a woot glitch…all the votes caught up at once? Pretty sure there are a lot of votes being cast right away, but yeah…I noticed that. I’ve just now been gaining ground here. I’ve tried over and over for 4 years. I just don’t want to hear that something isn’t right. Darn it. :frowning:

Hey, at least you didn’t stupidly start and finish an eggplant design today like I did. I don’t read gud. Sigh.

This is one of the funniest pieces of fan fiction I’ve read in a while. I’d say the Lyons share of fake votes are coming from one group and they aren’t worried about giving other people votes.

Well that’s all disappointing. Thank you for the chart. It makes a lot more sense.

Unfortunately doing one a week is probably as much as I could do.

Well, regardless of the who, the what remains the same. I suppose I won’t waste my time by making an entry for the current derby.