Derby #408: Grammar

Why are there no dangling participle designs yet? Something like “Psst… your participle is dangling” Or would that just come across as too dirty?

I had an idea for one, but it was too wordy and would make for a better panel cartoon than a shirt…

Wooo, I made a shirt for the derby.

Hey… hey you guys… send in your print files! O_O I have two print files from the last derby right now, two!

So files need to be sent right away again? I’ve been waiting till I got an email asking for them.


I think yes, they should be. I can get ocho to clarify when she gets back from lunch with her dumb boyfriend.

Yesssss. I am back from my dumb boyfriend lunch. It’s easiest for us if everyone sends in their print files when they enter the derby or at least soon afterward. Don’t worry about flooding our inbox, I don’t mind sorting through it. Thanks :slight_smile:

I sent a question with mine last time I entered and no one answered :frowning: I just wanted to know if the files I generated were even usable…I was making them in GIMP and trying to export to PSD. Also, I don’t know if there is something else I would need to do before saving/exporting…would have been nice for a quick confirmation yes or no whether the file works. Guess it doesn’t matter since I won’t ever make it to print but still…I’ll stop whining now.

I can’t help but to feel the reason why artists do not submit their print files right away is because the way the derby contract defaults. Yes, Woot pays $2/sale, but with perpetual rights, it may be uncomfortable to artists which may stand to earn more elsewhere at $1/sale but retain rights to reprint. Several of @fishbiscuit’s designs come to mind; they ended up printing at TeeFury, TeeTurtle, KYSO, ShirtPunch, probably a couple other sites, and she can still offer them on her own site. And seeing how many ex-derby entries have printed elsewhere too, it might not alwaays be in the best interest for current submissions to automatically print at Woot. Under the C-contract, I didn’t buy Slow Morning here but I did buy 3 copies elsewhere because the blanks are better. And that is a factor, especially these days when the customer has no idea what blank a shirt will arrive on.

Then there’s the 60-day hold, which IMHO is unnecessarily long since HMs print the next week.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m overanalyzing this. Maybe I’m in need of a good “Shirts That Fit Unlikely”. But maybe I’m only saying this because I still care enough about shirt.woot.

On a completely different note, cats have been regularly visiting my yard nowadays, much to the dismay of my dog. The white one taunts her :frowning: , the black one is a scaredy cat, but the orange tabby is a sweetie.

I agree that artists are less likely to submit artwork when the changes in the contract have made it less beneficial to let Woot sit on rights and have such low expectation of making money on a design.

You have a neighborhood Evil White Cat too! The one here is inside for the season. Or maybe he’s on vacation in Lala land where it’s warmer. :smiley:

If anyone with artistic talent wants a great shirt idea, PM me. Wish I could do it myself, but that talent eludes me.

if it’s for the current derby, it’s a little late to solicit partnerships.

omg a carer! endangered species alert! we need to put you in a zoo!

i think you should get a cat or two.

I was actually wondering about the wordage last night… I wasn’t sure if they changed the derby rules about ownership/reuse. So looking at the FAQ’s it says the artist retains ownership of the entries even HM’s. Does that mean even if your entry gets an HM, 60 days after you can use it on another site? I thought once printed it’s woots. I came across an HM design that’s currently scoring on threadless and just wanted some clear up on the rules. Thanks!

It should be fine to export a GIMP file to PSD. :slight_smile: I’ll look at your file and give you some feedback.

Yea, if your design is printed here you can’t sub it anywhere else. If it isn’t printed then you can sub it anywhere after 60 days. Whoever has a woot design up for voting on Threadless is being naughty. That wordage in the FAQ is confusing, though. I’ll tell the other shirt peoples about it right now. edit
So that part in the FAQ is about ownership of the design, which is different than having the rights to print it. Everyone retains ownership of their designs, meaning that shirt.woot has to give the artist credit for the design and can’t claim it as their own. The FAQ says to refer to the Terms of Conditions when you enter that derby and that’s where it talks about the exclusivity thing. Legal jargon is confusing.


Thanks so much! That was really helpful. Legal wording goes right over my head. And yep, that’s the naughty entry I was looking at. Thanks guys :slight_smile:

If the default was a modified C-contract (1-year term), it probably wouldn’t be such a big issue (IMHO). The way it is currently (and as the owner of the rarest shirt.woot product), it’s a big ouch that one’s art can be “bought”, for life, for essentially just coffee money.

Yep. And yet, my dog is still super friendly with white cats on t-shirts (like Bad Kitty from TT); my shirt is covered with dog slobber. Again.

For that? That’s stupid! - there are far better reasons why. :tongue:

Besides, I can’t believe that for what I ruined in a previous month’s thread and that folks still don’t have their shirts, that your reason for my goat nomination is grammar!

Catshirts are easier to tend to. :slight_smile:

(Recently added Upsetting the Balance and Cat Carrier to my collection.)