Derby #409: Mugs

Will the image be on just one side of the mug, or will it be on both?

How much liquid can these mugs hold?

Just one side.

11 oz mug.

Are there any other rules to derby #410 “Pop-culture Kawaii”?

[]no pop culture
]no kawaii
[]no creme shirts
]no justice
[*]no peace

Cool, was wondering today if Woot would run mugs or travel mugs anytime soon. Thanks Woot

Don’t design something that was already done by someone who used to frequently submit kawaii pop-culture designs here? The grammar derby is over now …

??? Not sure what this means, are you okay?

So, are we just using the Mock Up sizes for the sub to this derby or are we doing the normal sub sizes for derby entries? I’m lost on this one and I would like to have my stuff ready by opening time. Thanks for anyone’s help.

Do these mugs work on a mac?

Macs have mug holders too, right?

Most of their drives are slot load, so no, not Mac compatible. Also, no HDMI. These are soooo outdated!

Taking bets on chibi Doctor submissions for the Kawaii Pop derby.

My guess is eight plus two Daleks.

You should be making the standard size derby images like you always do (detail and thumbnail). You can use the mug we provided for the required mock-up in the detail image (similar to how you have to have a tee design represented on a tee in a normal derby).

Awesome, I thought so but i wanted to make certain. Thanks for the reply.

kinda late for advice…
Which one do you prefer?

I prefer B. I like to think its’ taste and attitude are the same, as opposed to being cheerful but describing the taste as bitter.

Yeah, that’s the consensus around the art dudes in the office.