Derby #409: Mugs

Me 3.

Man… I’ve tried and tried, but it looks like I’m not getting anywhere. Perhaps it’s time for me to leave the good fight to all you vote-getters!

Ugh, I know how you feel. I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 5 votes during a Derby. The only thing holding me back is not being able to work on something for very long nor submit right at opening due to working all the time. But chin up! its all about the fun and padding of the portfolio!

KEEP TRYING! Even though votes are low compared to the past, the derby is still NOT an easy task. But keep trying, and keep improving.

Pay attention to the designs that win. What makes them different? Learn from that. Keep trying and keep improving.

An artist here once drew this one; the design received 10 votes versus 1082 of the first place design in that derby:

Still, she kept trying. And then she printed. And printed some more.

Her back catalog has 52 designs now. And she’s one of the editors here.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Can we get some clear guidelines regarding celebrity likeness? A lot of pop culture is celebrity based and I don’t want to be cast out. I mean is a character they play ok? Thanks!

If I were to illustrate Danny Bonaduce, I’m guessing that would be wrong. If I were to illustrate Danny Partridge, would that be ok?

If it helps, I drew Elle Driver, not Daryl Hannah. Characters are fine, they just have to be not look specifically like the actor.

Have you submitted for dailies as well? I agree–don’t give up. There are a lot of artists that submitted tons of designs before printing. In the mean time, you can take your submissions outside the 60 day limit and see how they do elsewhere. Getting your name out to the public will help.

So, when is the mug sale? I WANT MY HIBERNATE MUG!

How will I know when the mug sale occurs?

I agree! Where’s the mugs?

It takes longer to print mugs as they’re done by an outside party. Travis is working on it.

But I repeat: How will I know when the mug sale takes place? Will it be announced somewhere on the shirt.woot space, and if so, where?

If you’re subscribed to the daily emails, it may be brought up there, but the most reliable way is to check the site everyday. All of the current side sales are posted on the main shirt.woot page.

Thanks! I was afraid I would miss it, not knowing where to look.