Derby #41 (Alphabet): Honorable Mentions


Congrats and all HM!!

esp Alligator and Zzzz :slight_smile:


Hooray, honourable mention!

I am still a bit embarassed that I gave the Lynx a long tail.

That’s a lynx? :slight_smile:

Yeah. I’m a bit ashamed.

Maybe we’ll just call it a… um… lion cub?

Thanks a ton Woot, for the honorable mention! It makes me feel a lto better since the design didn’t get many votes!

buahah i thought it was a LOLcat XD

im jk…kinda

Whoa. That totally works too. Ok, if it does go into the do-over derby, it is going to be a lol cat. DONE.

Thanks for the props, woot! Much appreciated!

Hey woot. Can you make the alligator or the sloth designs available really soon? I would like to get my daughter’s second grade teacher one of these shirts before the school year ends this May. THay are just great designs!!

I’ll harbor a guess that these (as well as many other HM’s and non-HM’s) will appear in the next do-over derby but probably not in time for then. It would make sense to me for a semi-annual routine, so perhaps at the end of June or beginning of July? My calendar tells me that Friday, June 27 would be a perfect time to start. If they pick, say, an average of 8 from each derby times 25 weeks (the number of derbies that will have ended between do-overs at that time) that would be 200 designs. Plenty for a do-over. The last one at the end of December had 196.

Congratulations! Some good picks up there!

Yet again some great choices, This is where I’ll look to see the well designed shirts from now on.

There were some great choices here but also a few they missed that I had to mention. Here’s the weekly Overlooked Awards:

I’m hoping that this doesn’t mean we’ll miss out on Edgar’s “I Like Books,” which was clearly the best 5 designs last week, in the next do-over

I second that. “I like books” was one of the most creative designs I have ever seen on this site. I’m still bothered that it didn’t win.

Wow! Thanks Woot!

Did the edgar design simply not win?
I figured there may have been a technical problem
since it wasnt mentioned in any of the honorable designs
or even in the “best losers” site. I was planning on buying the shirt.
What happened?

It didn’t even end in the fog, unfortunately. Keep in mind that just because it didn’t get an HM doesn’t mean it won’t get a chance in the do-over derby. I don’t know why it wasn’t given a best losers mention…

I don’t know. It was my favorite of this derby and one of my favorite designs ever at woot.