Derby #41: Alphabet



The Derby #41 Cyberpub. If we’re not chillin’ around here, check over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these rules for rejection compiled by derekfilley anyway.


Wow… this is going to be a bit more difficult than I thought this week would be. I’m kinda lost as to ideas.


Wow! A lot to wrap your head around this week.
I don’t entirely understand this weeks derby?


Another text derby. how many people are going to make fun of the Alphabet song? Too many, perhaps. Time to go back to my line art and text-only entries and replace them with all the letters…


This sounds like a job for… pangrams!


So they’re announcing two themes at once. Interesting!

Not feeling the alphabet one. But maybe something will inspire me! Happy to say goodbye to Derby #40…it was tough!



I’m so happy. Now to think of a design. :slight_smile:


Interesting… hmm. That’s a lot of drawing. XP


I call “Quick Brown Fox…”!

Two themes at once? er? I guess that means I have more time!


The blog entry link isn’t working? Server error just for that page? Anyone else having this problem?


Good derby theme!

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries…


Yeah Woot needs to fix that link.


That’s the first thing I thought of too…but the letters are repeated.


Personally I think Patchitect has it in the bag with his design he did a few months back.


I really don’t understand how this theme will produce cool shirts, but then again I’m often wrong about that.


I think the only rule regarding the text was that every letter be represented


Nope. Each letter exactly once.


I actually think they’re having an off-week theme so we have 2 wks to work on a kick butt Civ theme


Sweet, now that we can use text let’s all figure out a way to incorporate asphalt and video games into it. I’m thinking Road Rash meets 3rd grade.