Derby #416: 2014 Community Favorite

Hah! Quirky idea, Woot! Actually, leafing through the catalog, I’m finding designs I love that I never even saw print – and now I have this absurd urge to spend money. GASP! YOU CLEVER FIENDS.

That being said, I already have my submission. Now the question: to share now, or to wait until Monday … >_>;;

This sounds awesome! Keeping things fresh. Also this derby is sure to produce some incredible shirts, I’m excited!

Fake bands was one of my all time favorite derbies.
I have a few ideas that I never put together the first time thru, but I want to do something fresher.

I have so many in he catalogue pinned that are on my wishlist. Perhaps the community competition should come with a site wide sale? (a guy can dream).

Also, can someone make a mouse-rat shirt (from parks and recreation)? I won’t have time to design, but I love the show :slight_smile:

Holy crap that’s a crap-ton of shirts…

Hey guys, we’ve noticed a handful of the images aren’t loading. We’ve got our dev team on it. If you spot any designs that shouldn’t be in there (i.e. transplanted designs) let us know here!

This is crazy. Fun though.

This is the CRAZIEST WEEK! :smiley:

I just looked through all of these and my brain exploded. Too much awesome.

There are a lot of awesome shirts, so many votes to spread around!

As far as the next derby goes, I never realized how hard it would be to come up with a band name that doesn’t already exist. The more random my ideas get, the more likely they are already a band, haha. Who knew…

Can I ask where you are doing your searches?

Honestly, I’m just brainstorming, then googling what I came up with. Either I’m not that creative, or a lot of bands exist, haha.

So just to clarify the Fake Bands derby, is it brand new bands we come up with or shirts for fake bands that already exist like MouseRat or The Beets?

Good question, I’d like to know this before getting started on sketches…

Pretty sure it’s for your created fake band…


Thanks for clarifying! I had ideas for both.

Now the question is, do we vote for the ones we really liked and bought, or the ones we thought ok and want reprinted on second thought?

Damn, after hours of conceptualizing my design, Jellyfish Kiss is already a band lol. Back to the drawing board…