Derby #418: Fake Band Tees

I’m confused. I thought the derby was ‘fake band tees’, not ‘parody of existing band’, which doesn’t really make for a fake band, IMO.

It’s still a fake band, we’re fine with it.

The Crullers with their hit “I crumble in you lap.”

I’m probably going to regret asking this, but…

What’s a creme T?

I don’t design tees nor have good ideas usually but someone has to do one with nurfhurders in it.

Just the color “creme”, not a different state of matter tee.

existing band.

I love cream teas…

How many of these do they pick to sell?? The top 5 most voted on? The top 10??

Top three voted get printed Fri-Sun. We print our favorites from the derby in an honorable mentions sale that’ll launch on Monday.