Derby #419: Shipping Bags

What about halftones? I know this has been an issue / rule in the past bag derbies.

Good Question!

Halftones are allowed, but try not to make them too fine or complicated. All of these designs will eventually be vectorized, so a giant mess of tiny halftone dots or lines is not a good idea. Think big and chunky and easily vectorized.

Does anyone know what colors specifically Shirt.Woot Blue and Shirt.Woot Yellow are? Hex codes maybe? I like to be specific. Thanks!

Ok, thanks.

So… is the current derby ending today?

They are on the template- :smiley:

I was hoping so, but I don’t have Illustrator on my work computer to check. Thanks for the heads up!

It actually ends tomorrow at noon, right when this one starts.

It doesn’t make sense, if it ends tomorrow (Friday), when is the 1st place going to be featured? Am I missing something here?

I was assuming that the current one will end at 2pm central time since it started late because of their special stuff on Monday. To give everyone the normal amount of voting time.

It accidentally ran long, but no outcomes were altered. Should be ended now.

hehe, butt-hurt.

I’m actually pretty blizzarding surprised that the filter doesn’t catch “butt-hurt.”

It’s one of my favorite words so if they censor me I’m quitting.

whoa, no need to get all armadillo-hurt.

don’t be an armadilloweed.

Derby 420 and no marijuana references, that’s just a buzzkill.

My first connection was 420 and psychedelic drugs. “Psychedelia” is like the family-friendly was to reference all kinds of tripping.

I lied. I lost track of days and thought it was the weekend already. The weekend derby is the one that always ends right when the Monday one starts. Sorry for confusing you!