Derby #419: Shipping Bags

Was it just me, or was it really hard to tell where the printable area was on the AI template? I had to keep upping the contrast on my computer.

Just you!

Unlock everything and change the black from 10% to something darker you can see. Then switch it back when you’re done.

Once the exclamation point with the solid circle is used once in a design, can the same exclamation point without the circle be used elsewhere in the design?

That would normally work, but for some reason, my copy of illustrator was being a jerk. No biggie, I got it done.

As silly as it sounds I love the woot monkey bags best

WHY can’t we see the winners? Or even the “Fog of War” finalists?
Usually, we get to see the shirts, and while we can’t actually order the bags, quite frankly, after all the community participation (nicely done, woot!), why can’t we see POSTERS of the designs?

Because we all know that you never use just one bag design…and we could order until the cows come home and never figure out the winning design…

Come on, woot! Posters of the winning / Fog finalists in she Shameless Commerce Division!

Aw, heck! since it’s part of shirt! Launch the design on a shirt! I know. Revolutionary.

This was a weekend derby. The results of weekend derbies are not available until a week from the date of close, which is March 9.

I just realized there was a tie for 3rd place… How does that work then? Are 4 getting printed ?

Hey guys,

So we’ve tallied the winners and done our own internal brand review and we have the final winners from the shipping bag derby.

Unfortunately, during review we had to exclude the second place finisher. While it was a great illustration and idea, we ultimately didn’t feel it represented the brand in the way we needed. Similarly we had to pass on several more of the runner-ups for this reason. The art was great, but for one reason or another we didn’t think it would be a good fit.

So without further ado, here are the final shipping bag winners:

Mi Catsa es tu Catsa!
Starry Woot
A weird day at the beach
Dancing robots!

Congrats to the winners and keep your eyes peeled for the new bags. Also, since we liked so many of the designs and couldn’t feature them on the shipping bags we may look at doing a tote sale in the future. Stay tuned!

just looked at how far down the voting totals “dancing robots” placed. i am curious about the specific reasoning behind “not a good fit” for individual designs. for example, both “airmail” and “woot kitties” (tied for 4th place) seem pretty innocuous.

i mean, since so many artists seemed to have “whiffed” on the “good fit” perhaps it would be helpful for the future to give more detailed, specific explanations. i know (as a former contestant) i would have appreciated the insight.

Travis, this is unacceptable. This certainly appears like Woot is dishonoring the contract that the participants agreed to. If Woot is still going to pay 1st thru 3rd but not use their bags, that is fine. If they are rejected for not matching some unstated requirements that Woot has, that is unfair, and probably illegal.

These are the T&Cs for the shipping bag contests for review. As stated in the contest rules, “we reserve the right to reject anything that doesn’t meet our standards or reflect on our company in ways we don’t like.” That’s fairly open-ended, but it’s basically in place to provide some editorial control over what goes out representing the woot brand, including content and quality of art, IP issues, etc.

Ideally we would have been able to run with the top 3 plus an editor’s pick as we have done in the past. In this case we didn’t feel that would work, so we went to the next design down the list that we felt comfortable with representing the brand which was Apelad’s A Weird Day at the Beach. Dancing Robots was our choice as an “editor’s pick”.

I’ll reassess the situation with Joel and the team and anyone who feels they are affected can reach out to me at and we can discuss further.

I have no horse in this race but I like Woot and want to make sure they look good and I like the artists and want to make sure they are treated fairly.

From what I remember, previous bag derbies were all Woot selected so there was no chance to get blind-sided like this.

Like you said, you have the right to “reject” anything. A post-derby rejection and skipping over other entries with no explanation doesn’t sound like the same meaning for “rejection” we’ve had for derbies in the past.

“‘airmail’ mite mislead potential customers to believe that smartpost is at least as fast and reliable as delivery by helium balloon.”

“‘woot kitties’ mite mislead potential customers to believe that the shirt.woot catalogue includes shirts with designs featuring cats.”

What was I thinking… :wink: