Derby #42 Cyberpub: Better late than never

Feel free. By now you should know the drill. Of course all friendly derby discussion is also welcome.

Tony Stark: I feel like you’re driving me to court martial. This is crazy. What did I do? I feel like you’re gonna pull over and snuff me. What, you’re not allowed to talk? Hey, Forest…
Jimmy: You could talk, sir.
Tony Stark: Oh, I see. So it’s personal?
Ramirez: No, you intimidate them.
Tony Stark: Good god, you’re a woman! I honestly couldn’t have called that. I mean, I would apologize, but isn’t that what we’re going for here? I thought of you as a soldier first.
Ramirez: I’m an airman.
Tony Stark: Well you actually have excellent bone structure there. I’m having a hard time not looking at you now. Is that weird?

(Iron Man)

I still need thoughts on shirt colour for my hamster…

I think red is better than cranberry and royal blue is better than baby blue. Of the three greens, I think it looks best on kelly. I think it works on orange and lemon, and if I did lemon I could free up an extra colour for something. But I don’t know… maybe I should just leave it on royal.

I know nothing of hamster. I’m a mod and there’s a woot-off going on, remember?

Edited to include the image.

I would love to jump into the woot-off, but I’m Canadian and can’t get any of it shipped to me. TT

I like orange and yellow on brown.

It looks good on brown as well but then I’d have to figure something out for the black lines. Hm.

Some decisions you just have to make on your own. I tried to get more specific input as to placement (deciding between two choices) on my cheeseburger shirt a few weeks ago and the responses were all “your placement is good”. I got frustrated at first that no-one would offer an opnion, but then I realized that this is my design-- I just need to own it and do what I want. Sometimes people offer unsolicited advice regarding accuracy of a particular detail that could make a big difference in what people think of it. This sort of thing really doesn’t apply to your hamster ball.

That said, since you are asking for input, here is what I think:
I think you need something to make sure its clear how this design relates to revolution, but ignoring that, this looks good on blue, probably on brown and kelly green too, or even (good luck if you do it) heather. I would stick with blue myself.

Well, a couple things. I really don’t like it on royal. Pick anything else. Yellow isn’t likely to win (oh well) and I like cranberry a lot. So maybe kelly green? Let’s see it!

As for not being able to get stuff, I’d be willing to have things shipped to me then sending them to you but I have a feeling it would negate the woot awesome price factor. If you want to do that anyway let me know. I live in Michigan.

EDIT: I’ve been overruled. I keep forgetting blue is America’s favorite color.

Actually, I think blue would be best, too. Thank you, Schrobblehead. You need a shorter name.

I really like the royal. But I get muddled, and need to see them near eachother for me to really decide. I like the idea of a light color, but not quite as light as lemon!

That’s easy enough. You can make all the black blank, letting the shirt color come through. If you don’t need the extra color you could leave it alone. I don’t think thin black areas will look too bad against brown, but it would be preferable to avoid black on brown.

yeah. I really liked the input from ansharp and skektek and webfoot about my marching guys, because i needed technical input (still could use any! no feet, hands, and faces are on purpose, tho). Some of the decisions are going to be mine no matter what. my husband really likes it on green, but then I need to change all the blacks to brown so i can come up with a shirt color.

Revolution - green
Revolution - creme

I think it’s reminiscent of the Spirit of 76, but mr history geek husband thinks not. I know I won’t win, but I’m hoping for a better showing from this one. Given the quality of the other entries, though, it may all be for naught. Eh, I’ve learned a LOT about tablets, gimp, and design. i lurve layers.

I like creme much, much more than green.

I fear it may be too much hassle, but I thank you kindly for your offer! My favourite colour is green, btw.

@Schrobblehead - I would make the decision except I thought it looked pretty good on everything. I’ll keep it as blue because that was my impulse anyway, and most people seem to have agreed that it works. As for matching the theme, it’s supposed to be a hypothetical pet revolution. When the fuzzy rise against us… if I get rejected, I’ll try adding text and resubbing it. I hope it doesn’t come to that though.

@mia3mom - I’m not fond of the green. But if you did it, you could catch some of the zombie vote. :wink:

thx, that’s where i was going too. now to vectorize and post in the real forum…eeeeep

almost there. it was a hard decision to get rid of the other cat, but he was cluttering up everything. and this print needs to be a decent size so you can look at all the rats. even if i dont place, i can say, ive done my best.

now there are thunderstorms, and tornado watches. maybe no electrity. would be a bummer.

Is the cat evil, or are the rats? e_e

I understand the need for input on stuff and I didn’t mean to sound harsh or anything. I myself tend to overanalyze and have frequently gone against the only input I ever received on a design. Not that it did all that well, but with my motion design I pretty much decided to ignore all of the input and do what I wanted because I liked what I made. If I’m not going to win, I might as well enjoy it. I think everyone should do that to some degree.

No worries, you didn’t sound harsh. =)

So I’ve done a cute entry… now I’m going to try a nerdy one.

I’m starting to come around on your pseudo-monochromatic color schemes. I personally thought you could use a bit more color at first, but this one looks really good like that. Your revelations design on DBH is really cool too. Any idea how to make a design look like it is drawn on old parchment paper? I want to make a design on creme that looks like it is an old schematic/map on parchment.