Derby #421: Sandwich Aprons

Neat! Are y’definitely out of green aprons?

Yeah, sorry, for now.

Does Calzone count as pizza?

Maybe a “No Pi” rule should apply to the pizza derby as well :slight_smile:

+1 on no pi, or at least no repeats…


Can THIS be my shirt-

omg, that’s hilarious.

That’s nuts! totally reminds me of an old Beck song where he lists a bunch of foods in this dude Steve’s vomit. Actually, it’s speculation about what must be in it. you know what? here:

No worries. Thanks, Travis.

How does woot feel about resubmissions? I made something a couple months ago that fits this theme pretty perfectly.

From Travis and ochopika:

They’re ok, but there needs to be significant alterations to the design.

As much as I love pizza and sandwiches… I just can’t get into these food derbies.

Have you tried putting faces on things? I know it sounds crazy, but you can put a face on ANYTHING and it instantly becomes BETTER- :wink:

So true! In fact, that’s been my design strategy of late (when I actually find time to design, that is) :slight_smile:

Ok, so random question. The rules state no profane language but I was just wondering if there are any words that are not quite as profane that would be accepted? Such as the word that’s similar to the thing that beavers build… but not the same spelling? I don’t want my question removed by the filter so that’s all I’m saying. Any help would be appreciated.


ha! yes…
I never know how sensitive the filters on these things are.

So Woot, is Damn an accepted shirt word or does it need to be edited like D@#* ?

If D@#* works design-wise, I’d stick with that.