Derby #423: X-Ray Totes

I am impressed at the diligence of Mr. Wootbot in creme-hammering. You’d think they would forget eventually, or make a new shirt template. But no. That must be some deep-seated creme-hate.

X ray! This will be more fun than a bag of cats… Oh, wait. That’s a great idea…
Walmazan already has it done.

So like, biology: anything that’s alive then? Seems pretty broad.

I was thinking the same thing. Did you guys have a certain part of biology you would prefer us to focus on?


I’m pretty sure they’ll tell you what to NOT focus on…

That’s one way to look at it.

The more logical answer is that they’re not a stock color/product. Being custom made for Woot, they cost more, will have high quantity minimums, and have long lead times. But mostly, cost.

I thought there were no RED totes allowed?

Love the designs though!!

If anyone has some time and is interested, I have an idea I think would work, but no talent…Let me know. :slight_smile: I don’t think it would take too much time to put together.

“Show us what’s inside your tote bag with the magic of x-ray technology!”

A lot of these are just glow-in-the-dark designs… They’re suppose to look like an x-ray of your bag so you can see what is inside.

Agreed. I’ve still got 2 designs to work on this weekend and now I’m not so sure I even want to do them. Not exactly an apples to apples competition if some of these keep getting more votes that aren’t technically X-Ray based.

Feel like some people didn’t get their GID designs finished in time for the GID Derby and they’re just polishing them up and throwing them in here.

Interesting, I haven’t considered their cost. I thought it was b/c of the poor quality of prints on the creme shirts. The only one I have is the ABCs of Shakespeare, and the ink started coming off after the first wash. You can see the shirt below, it’s not even a year old. Seriously, when Lady Macbeth came out of that first wash looking like Yorick I thought of sending an “et tu Brute?” email to Woot and blubbering like Hamlet.

I would recommend emailing with your order info and that pic. There’s no way the ink should come off in the wash after one wash!

Here’s my idea for this week’s derby!


good job.