Derby #427: Northeast States

Sooooooo…are designs disparaging said states acceptable? Or should this be more of a “here’s something good about state” type of design?

Because, man, New Jersey…

Did you guys forget Massachusetts? Or was it left out intentionally?

Travis says that disparaging is kewl, but if you get straight up offensive he reserves his right to rejectionate.

It was unintentional, Travis cannot spell it and was just lazy I guess.

Thanks, ADQ! That is totally understandable.

since the faq on the main woot site calls out “Assinippi, Massachusetts” as a place they don’t even ship to, i’d say it was an intentional slight!

Are past motto’s permitted? Combining states? Something pointing out how poor NJ is overlooked by it’s neighbors, possibly. :slight_smile:

And, just for everyone’s benefit, particularly those planning nuptial type events, the Poconos in PA claim to be the honeymoon capital of the world, and you can still find hotels offering rooms with cocktail glass shaped hot tubs.

I know you have to draw the lines somewhere (and others will no doubt question where their state has been placed as the derby moves around the country), but I feel obligated to point out that Maryland is SOUTH of the Mason Dixon line. And, of course, Maryland is more than crabs and E.A.Poe.

These should be some fun designs that spark a lot of conversations!!

New York: The state so nice, Woot included it twice!

Sneak peek of mine. Any thoughts?

Funny idea! I’ve always wanted to go to RI!

-I truthfully don’t love the shadow behind it, as I don’t think it adds much, but that may be personal preference.

Aw man! All that hubbub over Massachusetts and no one did one?!

Hold on… rolls up sleeves

Ain’t no love for the best commonwealth in the union D:

now there is! :smiley:

I don’t know of any other active artists from CT, so I guess I’ll throw an entry together over the weekend since Connecticut is getting no love…

I bet Jasneko is excited about the minimalism derby!

Need more Vermont submissions. The Derby is awesome.