Derby #43 (Slogans): Honorable Mentions




Great choices.

Hah, even though artulo’s was rejected for woot reference, it got an HM anyway. So will it get entered into the do-over derby and then promptly rejected?


awww there were a couple of others I also would have liked to have seen here but grats to the HM’s


Kenney likes getting first post too.

And pretty much horrible choices, but pretty much a horrible derby. I do like that they gave “That reminds me” a nod, but they pretty much snagged a couple bland slogans and some ugly slugs.


you missed thor!!!


My thoughts exactly. Curious move there, woot.


Really glad to see this one get a nod, it was a favorite of mine. Here’s hoping it performs well in the Do-Over Derby :smiley:


Wow, how cool! Thanks woot! Oh, and thanks for the downer, Adder.


I’m a very giving person. Thanks back for the pointless meme and non-slogan.


Getting an HM doesn’t mean you get auto entered into the do-over


That’s what I thought too, but I recently got this in an email from woot…


And in response, the Overlooked Awards:


Ahaha, awesomesauce. Thanks, woot! IMO there were certainly more deserving entries fit for print that weren’t rejected but thanks anywho.


nice choices, Robert! and I hope geekfactor will print the thor shirt in 60 days. please?

Congrats to all the HM winners, even if they wouldn’t have all been my picks.


How cool! Now and from now on, they are giving us a free shirt- a $15 coupon if we get an HM:

*"Not only do we want to encourage the caliber of work you bring to our fine Derby, we also want you to spread the good word about Shirt.Woot. What better way than to offer you a free shirt for your troubles. " *

Thanks a whole lot, woot, and Joel.

edit: In the email, he refers to the Best of Derby as “semiannual”. So we won’t see one for a while- like July or August.


I second that. This shirt is eminently quotable. We’ve all been both the perpetrators and the victims of this sort of situation.
GMV and some lobbying in the do-over Derby.