Derby #433: Southwest States

did something change?
Derby entries same day as announcement?
How does that happen?

read the thread for the previous derby, especially the discussion about the early preview for the current derby.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one not paying attention. I clicked on the derby page at noon, and was like “What sorcery is this?”

How long does voting go for? Until Sunday?

if you take lord gentry at his word, presumably you’d be able to vote until the next derby launches on moon’s day.

so the main derby has a shorter voting period? that makes little sense.

it’s not the length that matters so much as the magic in your wand.

i wonder how shirt.woot traffic traffic and voterage (or vote rage, if you prefer) compares on weekends and weekdays.

I don’t know about other people, but I’m retired, so I can look every day and vote and comment on designs that interest me as often as I want to. I’m a former desktop publisher, editor and designer, so when I have something to say about anything like that, I always feel free to speak up. Beware! I am always correcting your spelling, grammar and design elements. LOL

i could probably use your comments before submitting to the derbies.

I’m online all day every day for work, so I usually disconnect on the weekend. I participate and vote every day during the work week.

This would be a good poll: When and how often do you visit woot?

not to derail the discussion, but for some reason when you asked it this way i was reminded of the phrase “visiting tukwila.”