Derby #435: Northwest States.

Can we hear a little bit about those planned strategies to increase voter turnout?

they ran this a coupla days ago:

Aw that sounded cool

WHERE did they run that? It’s the first I’ve seen it.

on daddy if you assiduously monitor the “woot chatter” box over thar ===>
they’ve been tweeting b o c sweepstakes in the afternoons.

I had seen those… I didn’t know if that was the only strategy. Seems like most people opt to comment rather than vote. I don’t know that to be the case, just appears that way.


and here i thought people were being rude about the entries.

Ah, thanks. Seems like they should have had something here on shirt woot about something shirt woot related. Other than scanning the top of the page each morning to see what’s for sale on the other sites, I only hang out here on shirt. So I knew nothing about it. And since I don’t tweet, I rarely look over thar===> Thanks for the info!

Ha! Nope, I just wanted to bribe people to vote in the derby by giving away crap. :slight_smile:

Ooh can I bribe people too? Pretty please vote for Hawaii Kawaii! I’ll send you, uh…some socks!

You should let people know if said uh…socks are clean or dirty. That could be a deal breaker for some. And by some I mean me, specifically.

So I’m the only one confused by including HI with NW? I mean…it is further South than CA…

Can’t believe no one has done anything on the State of Jefferson (S Oregon, N Calif).

Whatever tickles your fancy! I know some people like their socks real dirty!

geeze, open subject derby… instant idea blocker they mean…

I’m pretty excited about the olive derby actually. I rarely choose olive because my designs always seem to look a little better on another color. For once it doesn’t have to compete with all the other shirt colors. Color palette was a good place to start for me, if that helps you think of something :slight_smile:

Suuuure, when I think I want to submit again, it’s a ‘draw whatever’ derby. Making me use my brain and junk. SIGH.

I always go way too literally. I did a lemon design for the Lemon Tee derby, and guess what? I did an Olive design for the Olive Tee derby. Sigh…