Derby #437: Unpopular States

derby 438 launches on thursday? so no monday derby?

Most likely should say Monday. Wootbot has probably been hitting the bottle again…

what’s the latest i can submit a shirt to this derby?

Fake movie?

Correct. And correct.

Just a tip.
Google your idea first. I have found SOOOO many ideas for this week to have been created already, by someone else.
I know the rejectionator has seemed to be lax of late, but let’s play fair.
If it exists, don’t do it.

i was just thinking that this derby is very hard because of that. but i already got my poster done :stuck_out_tongue: - i might not submit it.


i like movie poster design and i’m very critical of myself when i do it. by the time this derby comes around i’m sure i’ll hate my design.

Most “artists” have a vein of self loathing. Either of self or of art; sometimes both. Everyday I look at a piece and I think, “I could do better.”
Just remember,

yes. it’s like davinci says. i just have a harder time abandoning some subjects - others not so much :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be entering this one!

I know people don’t do this anymore, but here is a preview of my design for tomorrow’s derby “Movie Posters”. Based on the poster for “Empire of the Sun”. Hope you guys like it and vote :wink:

In solidarity, here’s a preview of mine.

Cool concept Krittikae.

Yeah, let’s revive this thing!

oh crap, i went nintendo too. but we don’t clash. it’s late and i haven’t made jpegs of mine yet or else i would preview.

@omar. your poster looks like a good poster. i kept bouncing back and forth from making it poster shape or a shirt myself. yours looks good as both

I’m sure we won’t be the only Nintendo, and I’m sure mine won’t be the only Godfather joke too. I hope I stand a good chance though. I was working on this all day Sunday, after church. I’m proud it came out like I had it pictured in my mind, so there’s that at least.

Thanks Omar. I really like yours too. The Hubs is definitely going to want it. I had to steal one of his Star Wars shirts to wear today.

I wish I had read the idea about googling a design earlier. This is what I had made for the derby:

Then I see that it had been done before…

I like my design a lot more. Pig is better looking, there is corn instead of a jungle, and the text… It’s Bacon!

Do you think it’s too similar?

There are a few versions of the idea that are on shirts. I agree, yours does look great, but I have a feeling it will be deemed as being already done.