Derby #439: 3D Tees

These threads used to be for discussing the upcoming derby theme, but since they now start at the same time as the derby, people generally just talk about the next derby preview. Would it be possible to streamline things and just make these the discussion for the the upcoming derby with no preview? Make this the “Derby #440: Bad Guys” thread and the next one specifically for Derby 441, etc?

This is a tough derby. Without having a pair of 3D glasses handy it’s hard to see how your design is actually working. It’s really important to not just duplicate a part of the design and nudge it over. You have to think in terms of planes of depth. Break up the design into several layers and space the two colors further apart based on how far or near the plane is to the viewer. This helps give the illusion of depth.

You’re welcome to use it as a thread to discuss the next one, but this post and the derby header text are linked, so, at least for the time being, it has to include information about the current derby.

what i did since i don’t have glasses is, i worked on 2 images side by side and crossed my eyes to overlap them and check my progress.

be careful tho, when you place your images side by side you do put the right eye view on the right, but when you cross your eyes, you are looking at the right image with your left eye and the left image with your right eye. so the image on the right should be red, corresponding to the left eye and vice versa.

Slow going up in here.

The idea I’m throwing around for the bad guys derby is what if Freddy Krueger made handmade dream catchers in his spare time. I don’t know if it’s funny to anyone except me though haha so I’m procrastinating on starting the design

Ha, I dig the idea. Can’t wait to see it in the derby.

“Swiper’s Day Job”
What do you guys think? Is the joke clear enough? Could it use text underneath?


Nice, I think it carries the idea well.