Derby #44 (Summer): Honorable Mentions


Yay for Zenne! Hers was worth the HM and so much more. TGent’s Movie t-shirt was awesome as well. Grats guys and gals!!!

WTG Zenne… Love that design =)

Glad to see that the waterpark will get a second chance!

Nice picks! Here’s a couple you missed: The Derby 44 Overlooked Awards

Alright! Thanks for the HONORable mention. No seppuku for me tonight. Phew.

Vote for these delicious designs![100x100[/img]]([100x100ücan!-383dwm-d.jpg[/img]]( and buy this one…

i think woot missed zenne’s refference with the shirt. they said no real connection. it’s a song from porgy and bess called summertime. “fish are jumpin’, and the cotton is high.” sublime covered it but changed the lyrics.

Very excited to see the Samurai and Zenne’s fish. TGentry’s is hilarious, too!

Will the Big Do-Over be like a week long?? Maybe two? How can we possibly choose only three shirts out of the full selection of awesome designs??

Congrats everyone on their HM’s! Very well deserved this round with a bunch of really good designs.

Thanks again! maybe I should do a Imaginational Symbol/crest of Honorablementionland…

Cool!,Thanks for the HM! It was a great derby, plenty of well done entries.

Sweet! Thanks so much for the Honorable Mention guys! If the watermelon doesn’t make the cut then I will surely seek for office on the Watermelon Council.

Really great HM’s this week. Wish I could have bought quite a few of them. Kudos and good luck!

Thanks for the love guys!

I am hoping one of your Warholian/Seussian creations gets printed. Great imagery!

Would have liked to see “I Scream, You Scream” on here. Best shirt in my opinion.