Derby #440: Bad Guys

If we print in the tank top derby will the designs be in our catalog after the sale?

No creme tanks?

Is there a way to know the theme before submissions start? I’m kind of a woot noob…

Uh I meant to say I am new to woot… I guess the term I used for new person was offensive to the language filter.

read the first post of the derby announcement thread; for example, the post at the top of this page. the post includes a “preview” of the next derby. in this case, there is no theme, just a preview of the item which will be adorned with the winning designs, so the theme is wide open.

I’d agree with the average bear, how about an email notification using the subscription options. It’s help me prioritise.

Ah I get it now I think. Two derbies a week? Thanks No1!

^ this!

I will love to know too if is a chance to see the designs in the catalog as a tee after the sale?

Sorry for the delayed reply on this. I just talked to Travis about it. He said for the time being, probably no tee in the catalog. Buuuuuut, now they’re talking about it. This could turn into a debut on tee AND tank, but again, for right now, go with “no, tank designs won’t be added to artist catalogs”.

Hope that helps, at least a little.


Serious answer, though, is AA doesn’t make them standard. Nor do they offer the tanks in sizes above XL.

I do like the sunshine color. It’s brighter than the AA’s lemon/Anvil’s spring yellow colors.