Derby #442: Sloths, Otters, Pugs and Chinchillas

Thanks WOOT for forcing me out of my comfort zone to try new styles… this “Low Poly Art” thing looks like it could be fun. :smiley:

Really hope someone goes prehistoric. Giant ground sloths, please!

Ditto - I am excited. I wish this was a main theme!

i actually attempted this art style for the psychedelic derby but i didn’t like my result so i didn’t submit. i’ll probably attempt again.

Agreed! This is an awesome theme and an art style not used here much. It kinda sucks that the winners will be relegated to a side sale. :frowning:

What do y’all think? Faces or no faces?

are we talking about the model? :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i like the faces better. but it is a hard choice.

Definitely faces. Really nicely done!

Agreed- faces- Love it.

Sad I don’t have time this week. Really love this theme.

Also- sadly- I bet it would fare better on silver or light blue- Nobody likes white shirts. :frowning:

You should definitely see if the theme moves you to making a fabulous daily for us some time, huh huh?

Poor, misunderstood, white shirts…

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

I wish this wasn’t the case. I really like it on white, though, so I might just do it anyway.

:smiley: Will do- though I think I’m cursed with dailies- heh