Derby #444: Black, White and One Other Color

This is a great contest/ So what happens if you go over three designs. Only reason I ask because there are several designs over the limit and in the fog. What happens to them?

Some of them get chosen as an honorable mention and get printed as part of a special sale next Monday. If you look at today’s page, there’s a sale for the Honorable Mentions from the Pugs, Otters, Chinchillas and Sloths derby, as well as the winners and honorable mentions from the Tank Top derby.

Is there an apron template, and what color aprons are available?

Ok would someone please explain the rules for this three color contest. Because I am reading 3 colors. Not 3 colors and 4-5 halftones. Can’t wait to hear this answer.

you can make shades of any of the 3 colors using halftones. halftone is still the same color, just patterned so it looks transparent.

Thank you. That should have been stated in the rules to begin with. But that shouldn’t apply to a totally different color than the 3 primary colors. Heck I am not the brightest bulb in the room and I was able to do a plan old 3 color pic.

I’ve always wondered, why no cream tees?

there was an answer at some point. something about special order, i don’t know. but i wish we had more colors to play with. i buy my shirts first based on color and then design. i don’t like to have 10 shirts of the same green etc.