Derby #445: Cook-Outs: Aprons or Tees

A little mood music for the upcoming derby…

Is this too offensive/insensitive? I thought it was funny, and hopefully we gamers can take a joke. Idk, is it worth pursuing?

I think it’s funny

I wouldn’t buy it, but that’s me.
Here’s a preview of my entry.

Very nice!

I’ve put together a couple of designs for the derby this week. Both playing toying with the word “Hot”. One dealing with weather and the other with a bit of a twist reference. Always exciting. I’m a bit of a newcomer to Woot but I’ve enjoyed myself the past few weeks entering the derby. Very exciting! Just wanted to say a quick hello and wish everyone luck. See you in the fog. :slight_smile:

No crème exclusion for the derby starting today. Does it mean they’re (finally) back?

I hope so because one of my designs is on creme. Was wondering about that myself. Guess I’ll find out really fast.