Derby #45: Imaginational Symbols

The Derby #45 Cyberpub. If we’re not chillin’ around here, check over there. All are welcome.

First time here? Want to submit an entry and maybe forgot something? Think you’re good to go? Read these rules for rejection compiled by derekfilley anyway.

Ooh… this will be a very weird derby.


For your consideration:

flakier than usual. great!

Hmm interesting, I wonder what might come out.

Awww… so many cool literary countries out the window. :frowning:

Should be fun. I like the derbys that encourage creativity.

Woot’s being creative again. I like it.

wow… what a theme. I actually don’t know if I have an idea for this or not.

Maybe I’m alone in this thought, but I actually think this is a rather good derby theme. There was speculation that there would be some sort of international theme because of the shipping announcement, but I really had no ideas. This gives some direction… I still don’t have any ideas, but I think I have a better chance of coming up with something now.

Too bad for the pac-man rule. Pacmanistan would have been funny.

I’m awaiting an amazing Edgar entry on this one.

So would a ‘biker gang’-type design be considered a symbol? Lotsa people seem to rally around those!

Wow, I was all excited because I’m trying to learn Illustrator, and so I was going to treat this like an “assignment” for practice, and I even have the entire day off with nothing to do, but this theme has my mind completely BLANK! :frowning:

That’s funny. I can’t wait to see how a penguin or ninja get used.


Personally? I would have seriously been upset to see that. He’s just been done so many times, even without the rule.

Ninja-penguin-robot chasing a zombie-monkey-pirate in a tree.

On Asphalt.

Yeah, until I read that line, I was thinking of Pern, myself.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys (and gals) come up with for this one!