Derby #46 (Green): Honorable Mentions


Grats to all the HM’s this week. They picked ALMOST every one that I would have… wasn’t a fan of the Vampiric Cacti and Xzanthis’ flame and leaf combo (the 2 little guys were too much like a previous shirt for me to be in love with it, although the forest fire was cool) But grats to everyone, nonetheless.

And the Overlooked Awards:

Other overlooked shirts:
The Best Monster Award goes to toe2254’s Green Eyed Monster. The tattoos and the discontent on this thing’s face are the perfect depiction of envy.

Ansharp’s The Eyes of Envyreminds us about what to expect when you piss off the evil fairy in your neighborhood. Be sure to invite them to all your events involving Princess Aurora. This deserves the Here’s My REAL Face Award.

Haha, mjc, thanks! I’ve been told I make those eyes a lot. :slight_smile:

Congrats to all the true HMs this week. I look forward to seeing you again.