Derby #46: Green

Green is my favourite colour!

But I was hoping for a Fatherhood derby. Ah well.

Gotta think of some new ideas now…

Edit: Here’s one…

What if I don’t like green? ;-;

Oh boy. Great news if you ever wanted a shirt about money, leprechauns or envy.

I hate when they make the derby’s so open ended

On another note: DIBS ON ASPARAGUS

and would doing vegetables satisfy the green theme? (aside from the color of course)

I also think I might recycle one of my first designs, trees ftw

YES!!! Finally a design contest on a specific shirt color!

Of course, I also was hoping for dads day designs. But I got an idea already for this one. And wonder if we’re going to get green shirt resubs too…

Note, the following is NOT marijuana, it’s a buckeye leaf:

I guess we’ll have to wait 3 more weeks for the Best Of…

They said “green (or grass)”, so does that mean kelly green is ok? What about olive?

Edit: Reading a second time, they don’t say it HAS to be on a green shirt as long as it uses at least one green ink.

i was hoping for fatherhood… :frowning:

Great, bring on the trees! Yahoo. GL everyone.

I think it does. it says it must be on a green or grass colored shirt. I don’t know about the other shades of green. but makes me happy cause green is my favorite color! :smiley:

So is olive an acceptable color?

Looks like I may have to resub my war tree design on green… It’d be a first for me.

Well the post says:

Since it uses “or” rather than “and,” it doesn’t look like a green shirt is a requirement as long as there’s some green on the shirt. The design still has to deal with the idea of green somehow though.

I’m glad it’s no text. It will cut down on the number of “go green” environmentally minded shirts.
I don’t know what to do though.

green ink and/or a green shirt, and a green concept…

this could either end up really, really cool or incredibly lame.

please not a gazillion trees

hey. new to wootshirt. how do you join the derby?

is it? I didn’t catch that rule.

doubt the shirts will be as good as this week’s,

Well you know the topic, so you can start designing now. Follow all the rules outlined above. In addition, you should probably review these unofficial rules. Submissions begin tomorrow at noon and end Wednesday at noon. Voting takes place from the time submissions begin until Thursday at noon, when the next derby theme is announced. It’s usually better to submit early.

Good luck!