Derby #463: Schematrics

I like the typo in these thread titles. Makes me think of something like “SCHEMATRIX, the Scheming Dominatrix!”

HA! I thought I was reading it wrong the first time I seen it. Funny stuff.

i was doing a robot for the current derby but i’m bogged down with life issues and didn’t get anywhere, so maybe for monday.

Hope everything is ok Mecos!

thanks jnolen, everything will iron itself out.

For the robot derby, are we allowed to use the word “droid” within our designs or is their issues with Lucasfilm holding the trademark?

I wouldn’t try it …

This is a really cool site Narf. Thanks for posting this.

Got it, so I’m assuming “android” is completely fine as long as it’s not used to describe/depict the app platform?

is this too much?

Been toying with this idea for the last couple of days. About 75% done and still not sure if I’m safe using C3P0 (zero instead of O), just want to make sure it’s not rejected immediately…

You could go with something like 555-4-C3P to imply it if needed. I don’t think the reference would go over any heads.

A good rule of thumb is that if there’s any doubt, assume that a rejection is possible.

Woot has to play it safer since printing rights are held in perpetuity. Other shirt sites which only print for one day couldn’t care less about IP violation.

Do we know this for a fact? Just curious because my design is complete and it does use the word DROID. Unfortunately I’m at work so I’m unable to change it (plus the design works way better). I’ll just have to take my chances and hope for the best. Unless someone can confirm for sure. Thanks.

I would stay away from the word Droid.

It can’t be that controversial. Motorola has a phone called Droid. I don’t think Lucas Arts or Films or whatever has the entire word coined legally - do they? O_o

Yes they do, and Verizon pays a licensing fee to LucasArts.

That’s bonkers. Goodbye English Language! O_O