Derby #464: Robots

Next Derby - DOGS! This will break my bank now that AA is back. Bring on the fantastic doggie designs…

Thanks for the honor, woot! And the plug!

I fully expect a cat entry too!

Robots! I have three little boys that LOVE robots! I have a feeling that Woot is going to get a lot of my money very soon!!! :slight_smile:

okay, so i totally know this is obscure, but please, please, please, will someone make a paranoia robot t-shirt?! please, please, please?!

the secret society in support of robots is called copore metal

please? i’d buy it even if it didn’t win the derby…

hey woot! I fear the rejectionator so I thought I better ask first. For the dog derby, are shirts not based on domesticated dogs, but rather on their wild cousins like wolves, foxes, dingoes, and jackals, acceptable?

Robbie Lee, your book (well, the first chapter, at least) is ** brilliant**!

My full copy should be here Friday evening.

i look forward to your forthcoming shirt designs!

@Marceepauff and @Narfcake, wowee! Thanks for buying one! I think the book is great, though when it gets into the trickier stuff it gets, well, tricky. Still, I think it’s less confusing than other books on the subject. Anyway, I’m glad you like it so far Marcee!

Feel free to leave a review on the Amazon or wherever. Unless you don’t like it. Then keep your mouth shut.

(Seriously, thanks!)


Or at least greater accuracy when I’m nitpicking something? :slight_smile:

I love how you guys are supporting Robbie Lee and his new book! Great idea for a derby. Looks really slick man-

I ordered four copies for my classroom- can’t wait to see them!

I’m waiting for the derby results, but I plan on getting it as well, either way.