Derby #466: Cats

I’ve missed the derbies! I haven’t been able to do one in a while, life gets crazy sometimes. I’ve been listening to the podcasts though, and I’ve gotta say, the artist interviews have been awesome! Everyone here should give a listen if you haven’t already.
And we got AA blanks back?! I feel like I’ve been away for years, haha. That’s great news though.
So I’m sure this can be found elsewhere, but that’s too much work and I’d rather hear it from you guys. SOOOOooooo…if you’ll humor me or play along or whatever you want to call it for a second I would appreciate it!

So I was able to check and vote every once in a while when I was gone and I saw that woot was going to give away copies of Robbie Lee’s book and that got me thinking. What books have all you used to help hone your skills or even learn new techniques?

One of my favorites is How to Draw Comics The Marvel Way, even though the art is dated, it does a great job of highlighting some cool techniques. Not to mention I loved/love comic books and who didn’t want to make a comic book like the one’s they were reading growing up? haha.

I recently bought Art & Fear which I’m looking forward to reading. This one isn’t so much about learning new art skills as it is about learning to love the ones you already have. I had read about it online and decided to pick it up.

And great stuff in this derby guys!

No love… :-C
haha, next week I’ll probe you guys again, hopefully I’m not annoying everyone.

i dont do instructional art books. i have several anatomy books because i like anatomy and it is so intricate. even while i was in architecture school i was taking anatomy classes on the side.

i did go through many “draw 50” books when i was little

I also haven’t read any art books - that is a fantastic idea, though! Books and art, two things I love combined. Any other suggestions on one to start on?

Sorry - didn’t read your thread. I go through Illustrator tutorials every now again to learn some new techniques. I’m still working on learning the mesh tool - I have this liquid puddle design I’ve been wanting to try, and there’s supposed to be some trick to getting it to look perfectly blended with that. I like to experiment.

too cool for them huh?! haha jk. So do you feel like anatomy helped you with your art? I’ve heard it’s pretty helpful to know because when you know how the body works and how things work in conjunction with each other it just translates over to so much. haha and I think we all probably went through those “draw 50” books, some of us just don’t want to admit it. Draw 50 cats would have come in handy for this derby.

Well I don’t know too many art folk in my inner circle so I turn to the internet for recommendations. I really only have that one at the moment, but I can’t even vouch for it yet. Once I get started I’ll let you know how it is, but a lot of people seem to have enjoyed it.

Nah, don’t apologize, people don’t owe me anything, haha. So you don’t have to reply if you don’t want. This is just something I thought could get the community chitchatting. It’s fun to read people’s take on different stuff. Do you usually go through online youtube style tutorials? I’ve found some pretty good stuff myself. Maybe that’s why people aren’t using art books these days, everything is online, haha. I look forward to seeing that design!

nah, i’m not too cool for art books :P, i’ve jsut had a lot of art instruction already in my life. i moved to the states when i was ten. i never had access to a library before and my new school had a collection of the draw 50 books. i immediately picked them up and drew selections from those books for classmates.

anatomy is very important and there is so much to learn. plus it’s one of those things we are all intimately familiar with and while most people can’t point out what is wrong about a drawing with any kind of anatomy in it, they know there is something wrong.