Derby #468: Education

So over the weekend I got an idea that I think is pretty cool. Well technically I have two ideas but they are very similar. So let’s see what you guys think.

My first idea is a collaboration derby. I was thinking back to being in school and how the teacher would partner you up with a random person and how that dynamic resulted in some pretty cool stuff. Since I don’t think woot would force people into collaborating by making that a derby theme, I thought we could all pick a random derby in the future and set that as a collaboration derby. I feel like that could really foster a sense of community or even bring some artists together and create new interactions. There have been some awesome collaborations in the past so we should all make some new ones! IF there’s enough interest we’ll figure out what future derby to target and start randomizing partners. I’ll edit my post with names of people that want to do this.
Derby: Collaboration Participant List:
1. MOMOshwing
2. tjschaeffer
3. benjaminleebates

My second idea is in the same vein as my first only this would be a SUPER collaboration for a daily entry. Logistically speaking this one may be more difficult to accomplish because IF woot does like it and decides to sell it, payment distribution could cause problems. I know that would be up to us because woot won’t split payments so keep that in mind before making a decision if you’re interested. So my thought process was that it would be pretty awesome to have a shirt with a little touch and flare from the artists of shirt.woot! It would just be a pass and draw type of thing with each person that participates adding something of their own. If interest is really high we could always make two groups or more. IF you have an interest in this idea as well let me know! I’ll add your name to the list and we’ll figure out the details.
Daily: Collaboration Participant List:
1. MOMOshwing
2. benjaminleebates

And lastly, good luck with this derby everyone!

I would totally do the derby one! It’s such a good idea (fair warning: I work very slowly)

Awesome! I’ll add your name to the Derby list. Haha, I’m sure your work pace will be fine.

i don’t know how i would find the time to collaborate. sounds great but as it is i can hardly find time to collaborate with myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh man, the next derby could prove a challenge! I really like the idea. Hmmmm. To the drawing board!

All I am getting from the prompt is that the football team needs to be made up. although I noticed that when they did this last year all the designs were fantasy/mythological creature themed.

I am just going to stick with my idea which is not amongst the latter and perhaps take this contest in a different direction. Going to do one for Philly at least.

They did a major collab back in the day. I can’t remember the shirt. I thought it was princess bride themed, but now I am not certain. But it had like 8-12 people that all did their part.

Maybe to ride on your idea. What if woot did a derby where everyone draws an object(on subject) and then after voting, 10-12 are chosen and placed on to one shirt!? Maybe they are all interacting? And the proceeds can go to a charity? But the selected artists get some cool swag (from sponsors) and a few free tees?

I’d be up for a collab! I am usually stronger in concept than is execution. You can look thru my stuff here…
My latest is not on this site… What’s up with that!?

not to mention the class of 2009 collaborashirt that included contributions from 50 designers.

haha! Well maybe you’d be interested in the daily idea? You wouldn’t have such a tight deadline, but it’s not looking like too many people are interested.

That’s awesome, I didn’t know they had already done something like that. Well could still be pretty cool to do that with active artists today.
I like your idea, maybe that’s something that woot could consider and have as a future derby. I like the idea of putting different art together from artists with their own styles.
So should I add your name to the derby collab list? I’m going to add it for now because that’s what I got from your reply, haha. I’m thinking of keeping it open for a few derbies just in case people miss it. I thought it would be cool to do but I’m not sure if people are interested or just not reading the threads.

That’s a pretty awesome shirt. I didn’t know they had ever done something like that. That was done way before my time. Well seemed like a good idea then so I feel like it’s still a good idea now, haha. It’s in the hands of the woot gods now.

Yeah, sign me up for both.

Awesome! list has been updated.

Previous derby collaborations:
Professor Flufflebottom’s Cat-stache trimmer

Collaborate has not ran anywhere AFAIK. I asked one of the participating artists last year if he’d considered running it at his site, but he didn’t feel it was a good match; being mostly pop-culture based, that’s understandable.

The latter printed as a daily at GoodJoe.

So you’re saying there’s a chance, haha. These examples further illustrate the point that collaborations can be awesome. Another super collab needs to happen and a collaboration themed derby would be fun. We just need the participants.

Yeah, collaborate was what I was thinking of…

I’m new to this, but would definitely like to participate in a collaboration or at least have some input into one at the very least.

Hi! is it necessary to recreate last years fantasy football team or we will create new ones? example of last year is the Seattle Sasquatch, do we have to recreate them? Hope to hear from you guys.

It sounds to me like you just create a brand new team, whatever you want it to be. Sky’s the limit. Unless you plan to use existing team names, which is a no-no.