Derby #472: Octobeerfest



When will we know the TBDs?


Soon-ish. Maybe a couple hours, he’s figuring it out.


I once summered in TBD. I’ll let you know later how it went.


The TBDs have been added for the Wildcard Fantasy Football Derby. Game on!

And on a side note - I can’t believe we don’t have a lederhosen costume shirt yet. I know they exist in the world, but not on our site yet. Just a small hint of what I think would be funny on a Monday.


lederhosen = pants. woot shirts are not to be worn as pants.


Unless you are deadpool…


nice abs you got there.


All I could think of was in Harry Potter & Goblet of Fire - the wizard that likes “a healthy breeze” around his privates.

<---- HP nerd, right here.


Soooo I know around this time last year you guys were awesome enough to do the 10k derby and I was wondering if at this point do you see that happening again this year or ever because it was a lot if fun, got participation up, and in my opinion resulted in a lot of quality designs bc the artist had weeks to work on them.


Well, I just peeked over the wall, seems as though the ENTIRE shirt crew is MIA. I’ll check with them when they’re back.

EDIT No specific talks, but they’re exploring lots of different ideas.


Cool cool thanks so much for asking! You guys are always coming up with fun ideas (like the scavenger hunt) so I have no doubt anything y’all cook up will be interesting to say the least lol