Derby #473: Fantasy Football League WILDCARDS



Bad habits huh? This could lead to some really gross areas…


On it.


Yay, there’s finally a date for the fantasy football sale!


I know! I have 2 shirts in the final sale. I got tired of doing this type so I skipped out on the wildcard derby.

“Bad Habits”… that’s going to be fun. I have a few ideas but I think the challenge is designing something that meets the criteria AND is something someone would wear/pay for.


That’s the challenge every week, actually.


Haha, yeah. Totally. I was thinking that there’s so much more opportunity for designs that people like, but could never wear in public with this theme. But point taken.


is this a normal derby or a mini derby? or is the norm just two main derbies a week?


I thought of a few bad habits, until I decided on my design. It was inspired by some of my clients at my day job - Meals on Wheels. Way to go, old people!