Derby #474: Bad Habits

Worked hard to get 3 designs done for this derby. I seem to be improving slowly. I hope you like em. A couple of questions for any more experienced derby participants out there.

How long does it take you guys to do a design on average?

Does the time of submission end up making a difference in the voting of the derby’s in the end?

For the all-over printing…are we still limited to six colors, or will it be CMYK color process?

This was answered in the replies to the blog post. For all those interested, the color restrictions are lifted.

While I’m not an artist, I am a shirt nerd - and there’s no “average”. The longest selling shirt took the artist an hour to design while his other submission that didn’t place took many more hours.

As for when to submit, the #1 selling shirt here was a Friday opening, Monday submission and we’ve had a late Wednesday morning submission win first place and print on Friday. That said, the earlier submission, the greater the chance of Wooters seeing the design.

Ok thanks heaps for getting onto those questions.

I would say artsy fartsy shirt will take longer than concept shirts.
Most of what you see on here are concept shirts. Shirts that are clever, but not always designed perfectly.
I would say that if it takes more than an hour to design (unless you are a well established graphic designer) then you should really critique your work to be sure that the idea is being communicated in the most clear and concise way…

It’s easy to get caught up in clever ideas, but totally miss the audience. I know that I have many FUNNY ideas, that cannot be easily translated into a shirt design. So either the idea is too complex, or my skills are not yet good enough to execute…

Speaking of late entries…super late entry if anyone wants to vote:) (Wednesday late afternoon!)